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Paddle Wheel Aerator


1.When is Aeration necessary ?

Aeration is necessary when the oxygen concentration of the water is going to fall below a point where stress to the organisms occurs. When organisms are stressed their growth is reduced or stopped, their susceptibility to diseases is increased and their reproductive cycles may be altered. The ability of different organisms to tolerate low oxygen concentrations is variable; however, as a rule of thumb, to avoid stress the oxygen concentration should always be maintained above 70% of the saturation level.

Before culture, the water in the pond can generally reach 5 ppm of dissolved oxygen, and there is no problem even after nightfall. During the culture time, if not much mistake in everything. During the day, the amount of dissolved oxygen will be about 7.5 to 10.0 ppm, and it will be about 3.5 to 4.5 ppm at night. The dissolved oxygen in the oxygen depleted floating head is usually lower than 3.0 ppm, but the domestic general industry rarely use test equipment, so the above mentioned factors must pay attention to, especially the high-density farming, when the amount of feed is large, It is necessary to pay attention to the adequacy of water quality equipment. This is also the most effective way to prevent oxygen-deficient floating heads.

(1)Improve water quality and reduce the production of ammonia, nitrite and hydrogen sulfide
(2)Improve the meat exchange rate.  If the dissolved oxygen reaches 5.0 ~ 7.0 ppm (mg/l), it can increase the shrimp will grow faster or meat exchange rate will be 1.2~1.5 times more; 
If the dissolved oxygen is insufficient, the meat exchange rate will decrease, and the meat will be less. That will increase costs of meat exchange rate.
(3)If Dissolved Oxygen below 2 ppm , the aquatic organisms will stop eating, and the dissolved oxygen above 5 ppm is sufficient for the best growing environment during the culture period.
(4)When daytime photosynthesis, the algae heavier algae, the dissolved oxygen will be higher ; 
At night time, the respiration, the heavier algae, the dissolved oxygen will be lower so will need Aerators to produce more oxygen.

2.What is a Paddle Wheel Aerator ?
Why are Paddle Wheel Aerators necessary ?

One of the main sources of oxygen in fish/shrimp ponds is the wind action. The wind agitates the water, creates a current and mixes air with water to sustain fish/shrimp life. Fish/shrimp require oxygen to live and grow.
However, wind is not dependable and reliable all the time. Even if there is wind, sometimes the wind action is not strong enough to cause any mixing of air and water.
With the introduction of paddle wheel aerator, all these problems are being eliminated. The paddle wheel aerator is one of the major requirements of Aquaculture. It is reliable and dependable and its presence in a fish and shrimp pond ensures the availability of wind action for oxygenation purposes at our convenience.

3.Advantages of installing a Paddle Wheel Aerator :

(1)Increase the ponds’ oxygen levels and prevents oxygen depletion. Oxygen depletion in a pond will cause massive mortality of all fish/shrimp life.
(2)Increase productivity of ponds by 3 to 5 times over the normal production. You can produce more in the same area of ponds with a paddle wheel aerator than without a paddle wheel aerator.
(3)Maintains an even uniform distribution of oxygen levels and temperature.
(4)Mixes’bottom nutrients and enable the microorganism (bacteria) to breakdown and make them available for algae’s production.
(5)Maintains water quality and enhances the growth of algae.
(6)Creates water current in the pond, which the fish / shrimp prefer. Fish / shrimp prefer environment where there is water current.
(7)Minimizes areas where the water surface is very still, where waste and dirt accumulate on the surface and bottom of the pond water.
(8)The transport, installation and maintenance of paddle wheel aerator is easy.

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