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  1.High Aeration Efficiency :
ˇ@Dissolved oxygen is the most important factor in aquaculture. Insufficient DO will cause slow growth or
ˇ@death of cultured animals.

2.Capable of generating water current and surface wave :
ˇ@By increasing contact area between water and air, the wave and splash of water therefore enhace oxygen

3.Minimal Maintenance
ˇ@An endurable and easy maintenance roduct reduces labor and material costs and increases culturing
  1.Electricity and its stability
ˇ@Please make sure the power supply is sufficient and stable and conforms to designated frequency,
ˇ@phase, and voltage of the motor.

2.Power supply equipped with protection device
ˇ@Please make sure there is certified protection witch installed. If electricity in your area is not
ˇ@stable, add voltage regulator.

3.Reducer Lubricant
ˇ@Please check reducer lubricant before operation, and if necessary. Change lubricant periodically.

4.Assembly manual
ˇ@Please follow instructions in assembly manual for aerator installation.
ˇ@Improper installation is the main cause of damage to the equipment.

5.Regular cleaning and maintenance
ˇ@Regular cleaning and maintenance can effectively reduce burden of motor and damage of parts.
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