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Arching a new oxygen world
We are pleased to announce that we have successfully accomplished the project(SBIR) of the aerator impeller development sponsored by Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.. For the research and development on the new arch impeller design, we sincerely appreciate the assistance and effort provided and made by Professor Dr. Feng Rong Feng, associate Professor Dr. Huang, Ming Xian in Precision Mold And Die R & D Center, National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology. Hereby, we also thank Dr. Guo Han Huang in National Formosa University for testing oxygen efficiency of our new upgraded impeller.

New Impeller
With the upcoming needs of the industry, our R&D Department has worked on a newly and improved impeller providing more surface area increasing the volume capacity affecting directly to a greater splash and high currents. Attached you will find the operating photos.

We are on our quest to always search and develop a new trend for this industry for a better outcome and satisfactory results.

Our Paddlewheel Aerators are the most original brand from Taiwan.
Many components are patented in designs.
There are many types to suit the aquaculture industry needs from 1
hp to 3 hp, 2 impellers to 14 impellers, shore-type to water-type,
and electricity driven to diesel engine driven.

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