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Sino-Aqua Corporation's main lines of business are as follows: 

(1) Production and sale of fishing and aquaculture machinery and equipment
(2) Export of whole plant machinery/equipment for feed manufacturing and seafood processing
(3) Turn-key service for feed manufacturing and seafood processing
(4) Turn-key service for seedstock production and grow-out operation
(5) Import/export of seafood
(6) Import/export of aquatic feeds and feed ingredients
(7) Import/export of aquaculture species
(8) Technical consultation in aquaculture
(9) Research & development in bio-technological products such as probiotics for use in aquaculture


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Sino-Aqua Corporation

Supported by a technical team, Sino-Aqua Corporation well understands the industry and its needs. Especially, the main concern of the industry is the profitability, which has been our guideline in product selection and development. All products from Sino-Aqua Corporation have to meet the criteria of cost-effectiveness, usefulness, durability, and quality consistency. During constant devotion for years, our products have been widely distributed to five continents and all major aquaculture areas.


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